Security and Flood Lighting

security and flood lightingQ: What are the benefits of motion activated security lighting?
A: You can see! Proper flood lighting enhances your daily quality of life and the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. It is also a courtesy to and safety feature for your guests that helps protect you from someone getting needlessly hurt on your property.

Q: Does outdoor lighting prevent crimes?
A: Yes, absolutely. Good lighting discourages criminals, and poor lighting makes homeowners an easy target for thieves and vandals. Why “invite” any “uninvited guests” when you could dissuade them with proper outdoor lighting? We often install security lighting after a senseless act of vandalism or a frightening home invasion. If you have bad lighting, don’t delay on getting new lights.

Q: Do you provide the flood light?
A: TLR Electric installs the best motion sensor flood light on the market today, the RAB 360 Super Stealth. The RAB has “can’t miss” coverage, built-in surge protection, scanning LED, 360 degree coverage, evening timer mode, and override mode. TLR Electric Certified Electricians carry these best-in-class flood lights on their trucks and are ready to install them today. Learn more about these great lights at

Q: Can I provide my own light?
A: Yes, but we recommend getting the best light available. Poor quality lighting is incredibly frustrating. Don’t waste time and money with lights that will malfunction, trigger randomly, flash on and off, or even fail entirely within a short time after installation. In other words, avoid the motion lights from the big box stores.

Q: Do I need to have a box already in place?
A: No, In most cases, we can install a new flood light anywhere you like. Q: How much does it cost to get a flood light installed? A: It depends on the height and accessibility of the light. Typical replacements range from $129 – $299. Brand new flood lights with new wiring, box, and installation range from $250 – $500 per light. This does not include the cost of the fixture.

Q: Where should I put my motion lights?
A: We recommend pathways, gates, and parking areas. Motion lights in these areas will provide light right where you need it and prevent you or your guest from being injured. For security purposes, we recommend placing lights near rear doors and in your back yard, side yard, and areas around your home that are not regularly watched or easily observable.

Q: How high should I place my light?
A: We recommend placing your light no higher than 20′ from the ground to provide maximum sensor coverage and easy access for changing settings and bulbs.

Q: Can your motion lights that stay on if needed?
A: Yes, our motion lights can be set to provide constant light.

Q: Can your lights be set to come on automatically at dusk?
A: Yes, there is a dusk to dawn setting for our motion lights that allows them to come on when it gets dark, regardless of motion in the area. We do not recommend this setting often.

Q: What bulbs do you recommend for flood lighting?
A: We highly recommend using LED flood lights because they last for years and save energy. Installing LED lights means you don’t have to climb a ladder once a year to replace burned out light bulbs. If you’re not handy, it will save you from calling a pro.