Perhaps you are wanting to remodel your bathroom or renovate a kitchen. Maybe you are planning to add another room to your home, or to finish a basement. Or maybe you are diving headfirst into a “fixer-upper” that needs all electrical brought up to code. Whatever your project is, you have determined that the job is way out of the “do-it-yourself” realm and that you will need an electrician. Out of hundreds of the electricians in Raleigh, how will you choose the one that is right for your your project? We’ll break it down for you here so you can be confident in your decision to hire a Raleigh electrician.

Why Do You Need An Electrician?

How to choose an electrician in RaleighIt is a good idea to know when to hire an electrician. The most obvious reason is safety, as electricity can be very dangerous. Faulty electrical work can cause bodily harm, fires, shocks, and other very serious safety issues. An experienced and licensed electrician will know exactly what to do to avoid hazards and safely install or repair electrical systems. Another reason is that in the long run, hiring an electrician can also be cost effective. Improper electrical work can result in shoddily functioning circuits that can potentially damage appliances, electrical gears and other devices. Save yourself the danger and the hassle and hire a Raleigh electrician.

Electricians 101: How To Look For The Right Electrician For Your Specific Task

Now that you know you need a professional for your project you should know some things about electricians. You will have two kinds of professional electricians in Raleigh to consider, a Master Electrician and a Journeyman Electrician. Master Electricians have completed and passed a standardized test and have at least two years of experience. Master Electricians know NEC (National Electrical Code) well and also the modifications to it imposed by each state. Master Electricians are qualified to do all electrical work from beginning to end to include the designing, planning, installation and maintenance of the electrical systems of your project. A Journeyman Electrician has not yet qualified to be a Master, but a Journeyman must be licensed by the state as well. Journeymen cannot design systems, but they are qualified to install wiring and equipment. Think about your project and which kind of professional would work best for your job. Also be aware that electricians in Raleigh most often have specialized in specific areas of electrical work. Some electricians specialize in new construction of homes and businesses. Some only do service calls for jobs like fixing outlets, some will only re-wire existing homes or new additions. So if someone recommends an electrician in Raleigh who specializes in emergency electrical work and you need an electrician for your fixer upper renovation, as good as your friend’s electrician is, they may not be the best for your particular job.

Now Ask Your Electrician Some Questions!

After you have figured out what specific kind of electrician you need, here are some things to ask about before you hire.

  • Is your electrician bonded and insured?
  • Who will actually be doing the job?
  • Does the electrician have a business license?
  • Does the electrician offer a warranty?
  • Will you need a permit?
  • Can the electrician provide references and credentials?

How to choose an electrician in RaleighLet’s discuss these points. You want to make sure the electrician in Raleigh is not only licensed but also bonded and insured. This protects not only the electrician in the event of an accident during the work, but also their employees and anyone else who may get hurt. Also if accidents or theft occur, the electrician who is insured can replace damaged or stolen items. Who will be doing the work is also good to know-will it be a Master Electrician or an apprentice or Journeyman? Will it be a subcontractor who may not be insured? It’s good just to have a heads up on who will be completing the job. Make sure the electrician has a business license to work in Raleigh and make sure the license is current. As for a warranty, a good electrician will have a warranty on their work. Ask if any parts that are installed are also covered. Make sure to ask about permits. In Raleigh, as in all of Wake County, you must obtain a permit for any electrical work where any electrical equipment will be changed or moved, to ensure the work in up to code. If an electrician says you don’t need a permit, make sure you know why. Finally, ask for credentials and references. Look for electricians who are recognized by the Better Business Bureau, local electrical organizations and unions. This can be an indicator of an electrician who is up to date on electrical and business practices and also ask for references. You should be provided with up to five references who you can contact as well.

Where To Look For An Electrician

How to choose an electrician in RaleighFinally, where should you start looking for an electrician in Raleigh? Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have used an electrician and how it worked out. Go online and search reviews websites for information. Ask realtors and contractors who they regularly work with and who they would recommend. These resources, along with the rest of the information presented here should net you the best electrician for your project in Raleigh.


In review, when choosing the best electrician for your job in raleigh, remember these criteria:
Why you are hiring an electrician

  • Look for an electrician specializing in what you need
  • Ask the electrician questions
  • Look for electricians with several sources

When all of these have been covered, you have probably found your electrician!