Recessed Can Lighting

Lighting is essential to a beautiful home. At TLR Electric Certified Electricians, we specialize in interior lighting. We love installing recessed lights and chandeliers because the results of new lighting are immediate and our customers respond so positively. When it comes to recessed lighting, our company is the best in North Carolina. We have installed more than 5,000 recessed lights, and we install hundreds more every month. We offer a full range of lighting types, lighting design, and professional installation. All you have to do is choose the style. We will provide the lights, take care of the installation, and leave your home just as clean as before we arrived.

Q. Can you help me with layout or design?
A. Absolutely! Many homes are built with the bare minimum and, in some rooms, no overhead lighting at all. We can help improve this by providing on-site lighting consultations that include help with layout, design, and lighting choices. We will show you what recessed lights will work best in your house and help you get the look you want.

Q. Do I have to take down Sheetrock to install the new lights?
A. No! TLR Electric Certified Electricians have the experience and special equipment to run the wires through your walls and ceilings with no messy drywall patching in most cases. Don’t let an unskilled electrician cut multiple holes in your ceiling or walls. 90% of the time, we can install recessed lighting with ZERO drywall damage. Even with difficult installations, the damage is minimal, and we ask before cutting holes! Our electricians carry specialized drills bits, “fishing tools”, and in-wall digital cameras (like you see in an operating room).

Q. Where do you recommend recessed lighting?
A. We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, hallways, and anywhere else you need quality lighting. The kitchen is the most used room in the home, and it should have the best lighting. So we recommend starting in the kitchen. We also find that hallways and showers are often poorly lit and look great with recessed lighting. We have also installed recessed lights in soffits, porches, art nooks, stairwells, garages, theater rooms, offices, and playrooms.

Q. What types of recessed lights do you carry?
A. We carry 6″, 5″, 4″, and mini recessed lights. We also carry multiple types of recessed lighting trims in multiple colors. We also Stock multiple size LED can trims. If you need a directional trim or a black baffle trim or even an MR-16 art lighting trim, we have it. We can also special order from thousands of different type of trims if you are looking for something special.

Q. What is an “IC rated” recessed light?
A. IC rated recessed lights can be installed with the insulation in your ceiling without creating a fire hazard. These light housings are a little more expensive but save you energy and prevent fires. Make sure your recessed light is IC rated.

Q. What is an “air tight rated” recessed light?
A: Air tight rated recessed lights are sealed to prevent a draft in your ceilings. Recessed lights that are not air tight rated will reduce your home’s energy efficiency significantly and drain your wallet. Make sure your new lights are air tight rated.

Q. Why are my recessed lights turning yellow or brown?
A. The trims are made of plastic, and over time the heat from the lamp causes the trims to yellow. TLR Electric Certified Electricians only install full metal trims, so our installations look great for years to come. Most trims sold at the home improvement stores are plastic, so make sure your new trims are metal.

Q. How much does it cost to have recessed lights installed?
A. It depends on the size and type of recessed light that you choose, quantity of lights, and the location. However, generally recessed lights in finish rooms run $109 – $249 per light.

Q. Can you install recessed lights on high ceilings?
A. Absolutely! We have the right equipment for two story foyers, living rooms, and dining rooms. It is a little tougher, but we install recessed lights in high ceilings all the time.

Q. Can you install recessed lights in sloped ceilings?
A. Yes, we can install a special “sloped” type recessed light that matches the angle of your ceiling and shines the light directly down towards the living area.

Q. Can I put a recessed light where there is currently a regular light?
A. Yes, we can remove the old light and box and install a recessed light using the same switching circuit and power.

Q. Why does the recessed light in my shower shutoff randomly?
A. The bulb in the recessed light is too large for the fixture. Recessed lights with shower trims require lower wattage light bulbs to prevent overheating. When fixture gets too hot, it shuts off automatically. Of course, low wattage light bulbs are not very bright. Replace the light bulb with an LED type light bulb to fix this problem.