EV (Electic Vehicle) Wall Chargers are a great choice for your homeElectric vehicles, like Tesla, a Chevrolet Volt, and even some “hybrids” (that are both fossil fuel powered and electric) are becoming more and more popular. You might have seen one of these cars on the road recently in and around Garner! Chances are, you didn’t hear it, because electric vehicles are extremely quiet. In fact, some electric vehicles (EV’S) are so quiet that they are equipped with speakers to generate simulated engine noise to alert pedestrians and other drivers.

There are many advantages of having an Electric Vehicle, but one of the problems in the past has been simple: How in the world do you charge an Electric Vehicle at home? They can’t be driven down to the local gas station and charged up in minutes, and swapping out the battery packs is no easy task.

That is why many owners of EV’s have started installing chargers directly in their garages and homes. These chargers are specialized to use 240 volts, so they are wired differently than the rest of the circuits in a typical home, which usually are 110 or 120 volts. A 240 volt charger that is wired correctly and safely can supply more current, which in turn allows a Electric Vehicle to be charged faster.

At TLR Electric, we are always on the cutting edge of products and services that will make your life easier and better. We can install any wall charger in your home and garage, and we will do it according to code so that is safe, reliable, and works great.

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